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Fabrizio latino

I am 30-years old and I have a life-long passion for cooking. When I was a little child, instead of getting stuck in front of toy shop windows, I daydreamt when I entered grocery stores. I was fascinated especially by the chefs, who with their big white toque were like giants in front of me. Since then, I have always said to myself: “I will become a chef”. And now, years later, at Balthazar my dream has turned true in one of the most beautiful gourmet locations in the world: St Moritz. My cuisine comes from the memories that I carry in my heart, the one collected in my travels and the one related to my origins and my traditions, to which I add a pinch of novelty every day, so that every dish becomes unforgettable. What is a seadog like me doing in the middle of the Alps? I bring the sea and its flavours where it is more difficult to find them. One of the things I love is peeking out of the kitchen to see the expressions of the guests and their reactions to their first bite. This way I can understand a lot about how to tweak my proposals and my menu. Balthazar Downtown is the perfect combination of East and West: our guests can take a taste journey from the Rising Sun to the Mediterranean Sea, in which tradition and innovation are perfectly combined. All with the conviviality that can only be found at home but with the luxury of being pampered and spoiled by our little kingdom of flavours.

Kazuhito Masuda

When I was young, I was almost always traveling around the world: so, when I came home my mother always cooked my favourite dishes to celebrate my return. Since then, and therefore from a very young age, cooking and preparing lunches and dinners for my family has been a way for me to be at home, to feel at ease and to do something good for those around me. Not only that: cooking the best of our traditional sushi dishes, in a traditional way but also with the most innovative and original twists, for me is a way to feel close to my world, to Japan and to my family, and above all to my mother, who lives on the other side of the world but I always feel very connected with, even here in St Moritz. My mother called me Kazu, in ideogram "和 WA", because in my language it means “Japanese DOC” but also “peace and balance”, two characteristics that I always try to express, especially when I’m cooking and therefore in my dishes.

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